Solaria’s claim is that GCL, a subsidiary of CGL-Poly Energy Holdings, based in Hong Kong, used its proprietary technology backed by more than 100 patents to manufacture solar modules.

In a statement, Solaria said that the Superior Court of the State Court of California on Monday issued a temporary restraining order that prevents furtherGCL use or disclose of any confidential information provided by the company, which is based in Fremont.

The order will remain in place until a preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled for early 2017. It allows for “early discovery” into the nature and extent of the alleged misappropriation of Solaria’s trade secrets, including whether other persons or companies may have been involved in the corporate theft.

Solaria said it provided IP to GCL in 2014-15 during their collaborations over a potential licensing and manufacturing agreement.  

“GCL misappropriated Solaria IP, technology and manufacturing processes for its own use, in violation of our non-disclosure agreement,” asserted Solaria chief executive Suvi Sharma. 

“The investigation into this intellectual property theft is ongoing, and we will take appropriate action, including bringing in additional parties to the lawsuit if warranted, in order to protect our business interests,” he added.