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[VIDEO] Early advisory crucial for energy transition projects

In this Recharge Content Studio exclusive, we chat with Christophe Malaurie of Genesis for insight on how the award-winning firm advises energy partners through a turbulent transitionary period.
Published  30 November 2022 16:01 GMT
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[VIDEO] An inside look at floating wind at Technip Energies

Willy Gauttier, VP of Floating Offshore Wind at Technip Energies sheds light on company's floating wind strategies and shares details on the groundbreaking NextFloat project in this exclusive interview.
Published  29 November 2022 14:57 GMT
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Hydrogen hope in the hard-to-abate industries

How Linde’s hydrogen expertise can support customers in heavy industry sectors like steelmaking along their decarbonisation journey.
Published  16 November 2022 16:47 GMT
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TGS boosts renewables development with specialised data

Technology leaders explain in this exclusive interview how combining data acquisition and renewable energy expertise delivers insights that improve investment decisions.
Published  26 October 2022 16:37 GMT
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World’s largest floating wind farm opening in Norway

Norway is set to open the world’s largest floating wind farm, Hywind Tampen. This industry milestone is a natural outcome of Norway’s decades of offshore experience and its unrivalled supply industry.
Published  14 September 2022 14:54 GMT
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Proven seals for green hydrogen projects

Climate change calls for immediate action, so the green hydrogen industry must select partners with a track record. Roxtec is ready to provide scalable seals and share its know-how.
Published  25 August 2022 17:14 GMT
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[VIDEO] Technip Energies launches Beyond by T.EN

Technip Energies VP Francois Haynes shares insights into the company’s digital strategy and latest suite of solutions for the journey to net-zero, in this exclusive interview.
Published  4 August 2022 15:33 GMT
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Accessing end-to-end support for floating offshore wind

Tom Fulton, Head of Renewables and Mooring Development at Acteon, explains how his team leverages decades of energy industry experience in project development to deliver end-to-end execution for floating offshore wind.
Published  17 June 2022 14:23 GMT
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Clarksons deploys strategic advisory for offshore wind

Clarksons Offshore Renewables Division launches a strategic marine advisory service ‘AIR’ to support clients operating in and looking to enter the offshore wind sector.
Published  20 May 2022 14:04 GMT
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Video SEO: A beginner’s guide

A primer on optimizing your video content for search to drive more traffic and engage your audience.
Published  17 May 2022 15:03 GMT
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Moving to floating offshore wind with trust

Bureau Veritas is de-risking and enabling offshore wind technology and market readiness by qualifying new technologies and developing new standards for structures, materials, seakeeping and moorings.
Published  12 May 2022 17:24 GMT
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Can wind really be the backbone of a new energy system?

Wind power delivers the energy society wants. Unleashing its full potential means accelerating permitting and investment NOW and breaking into the new frontier - floating wind.
Published  25 March 2022 12:27 GMT
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Enabling the energy transition

EVP at Prysmian Group says new approaches to power generation and interconnections are absolutely necessary to make the energy transition a reality and reach global power demand and climate goals.
Published  22 March 2022 3:56 GMT