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Electrum makes largest PV investments in Eastern Europe

The green revolution is becoming a fact but much needs to be done in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, where ambitious plans aiming at energy transformation are met by old power plants.
Published  22 November 2021 15:01 GMT
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Offshore wind turbines cross the power threshold

As the power rating of offshore wind turbines reaches towards 20 MW, adopting medium voltage converters offers major benefits in terms of performance, reliability and levelized cost of energy (LCOE).
Published  4 October 2021 14:28 GMT
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Career: become a champion in the energy industry

The future of our industry is unpredictable and disruptive. Insight and future-oriented skills are key for those who want to take the driver’s seat in the transformation of the energy business.
Published  15 September 2021 15:40 GMT
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Sustainable and profitable wind energy

ZF Wind Power’s modular solutions are helping customers around the world maximise wind energy investments.
Published  31 March 2021 23:24 GMT
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Enabling the future of offshore wind

Six out of ten wind turbines installed in Europe were shipped from Esbjerg. Port Esbjerg plays an instrumental role in achieving the EU’s ambition of increasing its offshore wind capacity to 300 GW.
Published  10 March 2021 2:57 GMT
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MET believes both in renewables and natural gas

MET Group CFO outlines expansion strategy on the heels of the recent Bulgarian wind farm acquisition. Gas markets provide traditional fuels to help the energy transition, while renewables are becoming a growing part of the energy mix.
Published  8 January 2021 15:23 GMT
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Africa’s renewable energy revolution

How Systems Sunlight is helping create an affordable and clean energy solution for rural Africa.
Published  5 January 2021 18:38 GMT
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The next generation of offshore wind turbines

The MySE11-203, engineered by the MingYang Smart Energy Group, represents the next stage in the evolution of hybrid technology powering the offshore wind market. Here’s what you need to know.
Published  7 July 2020 22:08 GMT
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Driving business in an era of cancelled conferences

Conferences around the world have been disrupted by the coronavirus. Find out how content marketing can help you drive the business you hoped to get at trade shows and other events in 2020.
Published  22 April 2020 21:28 GMT
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How technology and data are transforming wind energy

In Pursuit of Megawatt Hours: In a period of mass expansion, turbine manufacturers and their O&M divisions have an important role to play in ensuring high availability for asset owners.
Published  10 May 2019 18:07 GMT
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ABS endorses new wind turbine transport vessel concept

Neptun Ship Design of Germany appears to be gaining traction in the race to develop a vessel capable of transporting parts for offshore wind turbines in excess of 9MW.
Published  7 February 2019 15:45 GMT