Interested parties can hand in bids for projects either in Denmark or Germany of up to 10MW with a €0.01109 ($0.0122) per kilowatt hour price cap by Nov. 23, 2016. The auction round comes on top of Germany’s regular PV auctions.

“With this first European cross-border tender we are sending out an important signal and make clear that Germany is willing to closely cooperate with its European neighbours in the support of renewable energies,” says Rainer Baake, secretary of state in Germany’s energy ministry.

Denmark plans to also partially open one auction round with a total capacity of 20MW to up to 2.4MW in bids for projects located in Germany.

In accordance with EU state-aid rules, member states are encouraged to open up 5% of the capacity to be installed each year via tenders to projects in other EU countries, depending on reciprocity and an agreement between the two co-operating nations.

After evaluating the experience with its first partner countries, Germany plans to widen the concept to other neighbouring nations.