Brazil's Electrosul measures PV, CSP

Brazil's federal power company, Eletrosul, has inaugurated three weather stations to measure solar irradiance in order to identify opportunities in large-scale solar PV and concentrated solar power (CSP).

Eletrosul investmed some R$1.5m ($660,600) in the stations, which are located in the country's southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the center west state of Mato Grosso do Sul and in the northern Amazon region state of Rondônia.

Final adjustments are being made to the stations, the company says.

The measurements will be used to determine technical feasibility of solar projects at the central office at the company's headquarters in the city of Florianópolis.

The company didn't say when the results would ready. Brazil's federal government has said it plans to hold a solar power auction in 2014.

Eletrosul has several pilot projects in solar power, including micro-generation in its own headquarters, research partnerships for the production of solar photovoltaic cells in Brazil and for silicon purification.