Germany's Sonnen leaps into US solar storage market

German PV storage manufacturer Sonnen (previously called Sonnenbatterie) has started selling its battery-based products in the US.

A manufacturing unit in San Jose, California, is already working at full capacity in response to an initial demand of 1,000 units of Sonnen's sonnenBatterie plug-and-play storage systems.

"In the United States there is enormous potential for battery storage, and the market is in its infancy. We're entering this market at a very early stage, before most of the other competitors," says Philipp Schröder, chief marketing & sales officer at Sonnen.

In addition to battery modules, Sonnen's system also is sold together with an inverter, and control and measurement technology (but not the PV module) – elements Tesla's PowerWall apparently does not include.

While a final price for end consumers of Tesla's storage unit still isn't fully known, Sonnen has said it sells one 4kWh storage capacity device for $9,900 in the US.

Sonnen's storage system has a lifespan of 10,000 charge cycles, making it suited for daily loading and unloading, and for self-consumption of solar power. It can also provide households with energy during power outages.