INTERSOLAR: Demand for storage to double in two-year rhythm, BSW says

Demand for home PV storage systems will double every two years until 2020, while prices drop fast, the German solar federation BSW said at Intersolar Europe today.

Every third new rooftop plant is already being combined with an energy storage system in Germany, where more than 40,000 systems have been installed in homes and small businesses, the BSW said at the conference preceding the Intersolar 2016 and EES Europe storage fairs that start in Munich tomorrow.

Solar storage represents a win-win solution for society as well as for the operators of installations, BSW managing director Carsten Körnig said.

"The de-coupling of a decentralised production and local consumption of green energy is taking pressure off electricity grids and lowers the costs of the Energiewende [energy transition]," he added. "At the same time, it increases independence and stabilises one's own energy costs in the long run."

Storage took a central role at the opening of the Intersolar conference, with all panellists emphasising its importance.

"The future of solar is not just about selling panels," SolarPower Europe president Oliver Schäfer said. "Prosumers will play a much larger role."

Patrick Graichen, executive director of German think-tank Agora Energiewende, said the costs of solar storage will halve within five years.

He predicted a 70GW potential for stationary storage installations in Germany and a further 125GW for electric vehicles.