Danish wind OEM Vestas in the last week of 2019 announced a flurry of turbine orders with a combined capacity of more than 750MW that extended to three continents – North America, Asia and Europe.

In the booming US market, the manufacturer scored with a 149MW order for 12 of its V110-2.0MW machines and another 57 of its V120-2.2MW turbines for an undisclosed customer.

Turbine delivery will start in early 2020, while commissioning is scheduled for the fourth quarter of the year. The order comes with a multi-year service agreement.

The company also received a second US order, for an 162MW US project, also by an undisclosed customer. Including previously purchased PTC components, the full project consists of a mix of V110-2.0MW turbines and V136-4.2MW machines.

Vestas will supply those turbines starting in the second quarter of next year, with commissioning scheduled in the third.

In its home continent Europe, the company had already announced another 252MW slice out of its 1.8GW preferred supplier agreement in Russia with the Fortum/Rusnano consortium.

Vestas also announced a smaller agreement to supply 37MW in V110-2.0MW and V136-4.2MW machines to two projects in Italy’s southern Calabria and Basilicata regions. The power output will be sold through a PPA contract with PLT Puregreen.

Vestas also won a 55MW order in China, traditionally a difficult market for Western OEMs. The company will supply 25 of its V110-2.2MW turbines there to an undisclosed customer. Deliveries are expected to begin in the second quarter of next year, while commissioning is planned for the third quarter.

A similar order came from another client, for a 51MW project in China that requires 23 of the manufacturer’s V120-2.2MW machines. Deliveries here are expected to begin in the first quarter, with commissioning planned for the second quarter of 2020.

And Vestas booked its third intertidal order in Vietnam this month, for the 50MW Cong ty Co Phan Dau Tu Dien Gio Hoa Binh 1 project by the company Hoa Binh 1, a unit of the Phuong Anh Group.

As in the previously announced intertidal projects, Vestas onshore turbines will be installed in shallow waters close to shore to exploit the full potential of the Mekong Delta region’s good wind conditions.

The contract includes the supply and installation of 13 V150-4.2MW machines delivered in either 3.8MW or 4.0MW operating modes.

“We had to collaborate very closely to ensure the suitability of the foundation design for the marine conditions, and we would like to thank Hoa Binh 1 Company for choosing to work with us on this project,” said Vestas Asia Pacific sales director Tommaso Rovatti Studihrad.

Turbine installation in the Mekong Delta is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2021.