Vestas this week unveiled a ‘wind mirroring’ battery at its Danish headquarters to charge EVs used by employees and its Aarhus neighbours.

The 2.3MWh battery – said to be the largest of its type in Denmark – uses bespoke software to synchronise its charging precisely with output from Vestas’ own fleet of test turbines, building on a trial of the system the company has carried out at a Danish service station since 2020.

The 42 chargers linked to the battery will be used by corporate vehicles and employees during business hours and local residents needing to power-up during the evenings and weekends.

“This battery is very much linked to our sustainability strategy to be carbon neutral by 2030. We need to enable the right infrastructure to support that,” said Lisa Ekstrand, Vestas’ vice president for sustainability, who added that the battery – which has a total capacity to charge around 100 vehicles – is large enough to support future needs at the site as EV penetration grows.

“It demonstrates our energy storage capabilities linked to real-time green electricity production.”

Although the battery is physically charged via the grid, Vestas said the system offers a cast-iron assurance that the power is associated with green electricity production.

“This is guaranteeing that there are kWh produced – otherwise the battery will not be charged,” said Ekstrand.