The centuries-old art of the sea shanty and very modern social media platform TikTok have been united in a bid to attract young people to a career in the fast-growing US offshore wind industry.

Energy consultancy Xodus worked with a musician to create a shanty with the chorus line ‘on the road to net zero’ and shared it on TikTok.

They hope the shanty’s catchy tune and the reach of TikTok among under-25s will stir interest among young Americans in working in offshore wind, which will need thousands of workers to help underpin the huge growth ambitions set out by President Joe Biden.

The US industry reached a milestone this week when federal officials approved the 800MW Vineyard 1 off Massachusetts, set to become the nation’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm.

Sea shanties have undergone a global revival since the surprise success of Wellerman, recorded by a Scottish folk singer last year.