The Wind Challenge is officially live and players from around the world are competing against each other in a battle for life extension of their fleet of 60 wind turbines. The online game opened 10 September and runs through 26 September.

So far, the first players have achieved 1,200 years of life extension and improved financial outcomes by a total of $6bn.

Sentient Science, the Digitalisation Partner at the Global Wind Summit, has teamed up with industry partners to power The Wind Challenge using Sentient’s materials science/data science wind turbine models.

The first-of-its-kind competition demonstrates how digitalisation can facilitate life extension actions by understanding the long-term prognostics on each wind turbine at a site. The goal is to extend life at the most efficient repair cost.

The grand winner will win a SSR Pit Bike for achieving the most life extension of their assets at the most optimal return. Five total winners will be announced at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg at 1600 on Wednesday 26 September, at the WindEurope Booth B1.OG.211. Log in for the wind challenge here.

Jill Szpylman is director of IR, PR & communications at Sentient Science