Nordex managed to significantly increase the price of its wind turbines, but its order intake fell – both in the fourth quarter and the full year of 2022.

Turbine prices in the last quarter of the year averaged €0.89m ($0.96m) per megawatt, higher than the €0.74/MW reached on average in the fourth quarter of 2021.

But higher sales prices came with lower order volumes.

The OEM’s order intake fell to 6.33GW last year, from 7.95GW in 2021, while orders decreased to 678MW in the fourth quarter of last year from 3.3GW in the final quarter of 2021, which had included an exceptionally large order of 1GW from Australia.

"We continued to see strong order intake momentum during the fourth quarter and this came with higher turbine prices than in the previous year,” Nordex chief executive José Luis Blanco said.

“In addition to numerous orders from markets, in which Nordex already has an established presence, I am pleased that we also convinced customers in Canada again after several years.

“In particular our high-performance turbine types from the 5MW and our new 6MW class continued to meet robust demand.”

The manufacturer last week had announced it received a 200MW order in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan for cold climate models to equip a project where temperatures can go down to minus 30° Celsius.

Nordex last year won orders from 20 countries. Europe accounted for 73% of the order intake, led by Germany, Finland, Turkey, Poland and Spain.

Another 21% of order came from Latin America, in particular Brazil and Colombia, while Canada and the US accounted for another 6%.