PKN Orlen, one of Poland’s offshore wind developers, considers to produce green hydrogen from offshore wind power once its projects are up and running, Jarosław Dybowski, executive director for energy at the state-owned oil refiner and petrol retailer said.

“We think that hydrogen is the future, not only of energy, but also the future of mobility. Together with electro-mobility, hydrogen will be one of the motion sources,” Dybowski said at a briefing on Polish offshore wind at the WindEurope Offshore 2019 exposition.

“Today, PKN Orlen produces about 30 tons of hydrogen per hour, just for our processes. I would like to see our offshore farms also be used for the production of hydrogen during the time when energy is cheap, or when we are producing surplus energy.”

“This hydrogen could be used or for our processing, for storage or as a car fuel. So refinery, the petrochemical industry, and energy, there is a lot of synergies between all those activities.”

PKN Orlen in September signed a letter of intent with Polish state-controlled utility PGE on cooperation in the development of their combined 3.7GW of offshore wind projects in the Polish Baltic Sea.

The cooperation aims at maximising the share of Polish suppliers and contractors, while at the same time using synergy effects to push costs down.

PKN Orlen earlier this year has started environmental studies and wind measurements for its 1.2GW offshore wind license area in the Baltic Sea.