Wind turbine orders at OEM Nordex have surged last year amid strong demand from Europe, as well as North and South America.

The manufacturer’s order intake swelled to 6.2GW in 2019, a 31%-increase from the previous year, boding well for a recovery in the near future of the company that was still loss making in the third quarter of 2019.

“Demand for our wind turbines is very strong around the world. With our new Delta4000 turbines we are enabling profitable projects in all relevant markets,” chief executive José Luis Blanco said.

“Series production in Rostock [Germany], which started in March 2019, has already been supplemented by production at the Spanish plant in La Vall d'Uixó since December.”

Orders in Europe reached 3.2GW, up from 2.1GW in 2018, and made up around 51% of the overall order volume.

High demand from Turkey, Spain, the Netherlands and the market entry in the Ukraine compensated for the continued weakness of the company’s German home market.

The US market also performed well, contributing 1.77GW in 2019, up from 721MW in 2018. That was more than 28% of the total order volume.

Latin America reached a share of 18% in the order volume, but with 1.12GW orders from the region were slightly below those of 2018, when the company had 1.19GW in orders there.

A 158MW-order from Australia, meant that 3% of orders were attributable to the 'rest of world' region.

During the fourth quarter of last year, orders receded to 1.48GW, down from 1.68GW in 2018. The majority of this volume (57%) was attributable to turbines form the Delta4000 series of machines in the 4 and 5MW range.

Unveiled only in March 2019, the 5MW turbine in this series – the N149/5.X – was used for the first time in the 286MW Åndberg project in Sweden.

Most orders in the fourth quarter came from Europe (70%), while Latin America accounted for another 20%, and North America for 10%.