Ming Yang Smart Energy (MYSE) will deploy its 8MW turbine at China Three Gorges’ Xinghua Bay 2 project, as the top rank of Chinese wind OEMs continue their drive to develop more powerful machines.

MYSE’s 8.0-180 typhoon-class model will be installed at the CTG project off the coast of Xinghua Bay in Fujian province, which is acting as a test-bed for the developer to deploy the most promising next-generation machines from China’s manufacturers.

Details were not given of the installation schedule for the MYSE 8MW, which follows 5.5MW turbines installed by the manufacturer at the Xinghua Bay 1 pilot wind farm since 2018.

MYSE said: “We are witnessing and involved in the acceleration of the offshore wind market, and we are looking forward to the MySE 8.0-180, which inherits the same technology and genes of the MySE 5.5-155, bringing higher rate of return to our customers.”

Like their foreign rivals, China’s biggest OEMs are pushing rated capacities upwards in the offshore wind sector. MYSE has set out ambitions for a 15MW fixed-bottom turbine and a 10MW floating model.

Xinghua Bay 2 is already home to China’s – and Asia’s – biggest turbine to date, an 8MW machine from Goldwind. That will soon be joined by a 10MW model from Dongfang Electric that is currently on the way to the site for installation.