US President Donald Trump signed off 2019 with another rant against wind power that commentators labelled among his most bizarre to date.

Trump told an audience in Florida: “I never understood wind. You know, I know windmills very much. They’re noisy. They kill the birds. You want to see a bird graveyard?

“Go under a windmill someday. You’ll see more birds than you’ve ever seen in your life.”

Despite his self-confessed ignorance of wind, Trump asserts: “I’ve studied it better than anybody I know.”

The comments join a growing list of Trump broadsides against turbines that includes claims that they don’t work and cause cancer. The latter was a step too far even for the President’s most stalwart supporters, who admitted it had no basis in fact.

Critics in the US took to social media to link Trump’s venomous dislike of the wind sector to his long, unsuccessful battle to halt a Vattenfall-led offshore project he claimed would ruin the view from his luxury golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland.

It recently emerged that action left his company with a $290,000 bill for the Scottish government's costs alone.

TRUMP'S Top 10 words of wind power wisdom

10. “I know windmills very much."

9. “If it doesn’t blow, you can forget about television for that night.”

8. "You cannot allow these industrial monstrosities."

7. "I’m not going to lose that wealth on dreams, on windmills, which, frankly are not working all that well."

6. [Scottish offshore wind] “will be like looking through the bars of a prison and the Scottish citizens will be the prisoners."

5. “I have been told by our attorneys, that we can bring a very large lawsuit and probably win the lawsuit based on the harm that these horrible things will do to Scotland.” [editor's note: he lost].

4. "If you love birds, you’d never want to walk under a windmill, because it’s a very sad, sad sight. It’s like a cemetery. We put a little statue for the poor birds."

3. "If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations: Your house just went down 75% in value."

2. "They say the noise causes cancer."

1. “I never understood wind."