Mingyang Smart Energy’s first giant 111.5-metre-long offshore wind turbine blade has rolled out of its fabrication hall in Yangjiang, China.

The model – said by the turbine-maker to “highlight [its] in-house innovation and scalability approach designing and manufacturing better blades for the toughest offshore environment” – will be flown by the OEM’s 11MW machine.

“Mingyang’s technology, such as carbonfiber, airfoils and multi-web design, plays key role in defining the 111.5m blade’s high aerodynamic performance, strength and reliability,” said the company in a LinkedIn post. “In the process, the blade underwent thorough lightning simulation tests to ensure optimal reliability and safety against lightning as well.”

The OEM landed a breakthrough 1GW order in January for the11MW unit, for the 600MW Qingzhou 1 and 400MW Qingzhou 2 projects off Guangdong province, due to be in service by 2023 for operator Guangdong Electric Power Development.

Minyang has been jockeying forward with a number of Western and Chinese turbine makers with ever-bigger ultra-large offshore models, and is the current title-holder with the mightiest launched commercially so far, a 16MW typhoon-class monster, the MySE 16.0-242.