Denmark got half its power from wind and solar last year in what its grid operator hailed as an important milestone in its hugely ambitious energy transition push.

Wind accounted for more than 47% of Danish electricity in 2019, with solar taking green power to the 50% mark, said Energinet.

The wind share beats a previous 43% record set in 2017, and comes as Denmark pursues an emissions reductions goal of 70% by 2030 that was enshrined in law late last year.

Denmark – historically a leader in the global wind sector – has recently announced major initiatives in offshore wind and green hydrogen production as it attempts to hit that goal, and push its energy transition into harder-to-decarbonise areas like heating and transport.

Energinet said of the 2019 record: “Once we thought that the power system could handle the maximum of 5% of the power being produced as the wind blew and the sun was shining. Fortunately, we have become smarter!”