China’s Dongfang Electric Corp. (DEC) is poised to install what it claims will be the country’s first 10MW offshore wind turbine after successfully developing a direct-drive permanent-magnet generator (PMG) for the super-sized machine.

The prototype generator was unveiled this week after passing final testing in the OEM’s factory in Deyang, Sichuan province. The launch marks a milestone as China becomes “capable of developing and manufacturing super-sized offshore PMG turbines,” a DEC statement said.

The company hopes to deploy what it said will be China’s first 10MW wind turbine soon, after shipping the generator to the coastal province of Fujian where it “will be installed in the Xinhua Bay project,” the firm revealed.

In early July, DEC started the production of a 90-metre blade (B900A) at its Tianjin factory, another key component for the super-sized machine and the longest produced by a Chinese blade-maker.

Several Chinese wind OEMs are in competition to develop double-digit machines that match the capacities of those from foreign manufacturers Siemens Gamesa, MHI Vestas and GE.

So far DEC appears to be ahead. Last year, the manufacturer became the first one to secure an IEC certification from the China Quality Certification Center for its 10MW turbine design.

However, others are in hot pursuit. Last year Goldwind unveiled its 8MW prototype, after which its blade supplier Sinoma released an 85.6-meter blade for the machine.

Guangdong-based Mingyang Smart Energy (MYSE) has delivered a 7.25MW turbine to the market and also eyes a 10MW product.

So far the largest turbine produced in the country remains Shanghai Electric ’s 8MW machine, based on Siemens Gamesa technology. The first emerged earlier this month from Shanghai Electric ’s factory in Shantou, Guangdong.