Web giant Amazon will fund what's billed as a world-first commercial-scale scheme to grow seaweed between offshore wind turbines, said the team planning the venture.

Amazon will give Dutch non-profit North Sea Farmers €1.5m ($1.6m) to develop the eco project, which could be up and running by the end of 2023 covering 10 hectares in the North Sea off the Netherlands.

North Sea Farmers is currently in final talks with developers in the Borssele and Hollandse Kust zones over which project will host North Sea Farm 1, slated to produce 6,000kg of fresh seaweed in its first year.

The first project will serve markets for seaweed-based products that range from animal feeds to cosmetics, and research the ability of seaweed to act as a natural sequestration tool for carbon.

Roeland Donker, Netherlands country manager for Amazon in the Netherlands said: "Like trees, as seaweed grows it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere, and it can be used to create biodegradable packaging, as well as food and fashion products.”

The money will come from the web giant's climate fund.

North Sea Farm 1 is the latest move in a growing effort to harmonise offshore wind development with aquaculture.

Other pilot projects are slated for the North Seawhile China has unveiled plans for unified offshore wind and fish farming off Shandong province.

However, the offshore wind sector has also sometimes found itself at odds with local fishing industries, with some projects facing stiff opposition.