Vestas and GE Renewable Energy settle multi-patent dispute

The settlement relates to legal action by GE launched in 2017 on alleged patent infringements by Vestas in the US

Danish wind OEM Vestas and GE Renewables have reached an amicable settlement of all disputes related to multiple patent infringement claims in the US.

As a result, a case pending in the US District Court for the Central District of California as well as all other pending proceedings related to the patents-in-suit will be discontinued.

GE in 2017 had launched legal action against Vestas in the US over an alleged turbine technology patent infringement. GE’s legal action alleged that Vestas had infringed on its patent by selling and commissioning models in the US that include the V90-3.0 MW, V100-2.0 MW, V112-3.0 MW, and V117-3.3 MW machines.

The patents-in-suit generally relate to technologies that enable wind turbines to manage grid faults, Vestas said.

Vestas had also sued GE for the infringement of Vestas patents, a case also closed by the settlement.

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“With this settlement, any past infringements of the patents-in-suit are fully released. In addition, the settlement includes a cross-license to the patents-in-suit and their family members, as well as a confidential payment from Vestas to GE,” Vestas said in a statement.

Vestas has been the closest rival of GE for wind turbines in its home market for years.

The cross-license applies globally to the parties’ and their affiliates’ respective onshore and offshore wind businesses and ensures that they can use the technology covered by such patents, the Danish OEM added.

Vestas added: “Today’s announcement resolves the initial lawsuit GE filed against Vestas and Vestas-American Wind Technology Inc. on 31 July 2017, claiming infringement of its U.S. Patents No. 7,629,705 and No. 6,921,985; Vestas’ two counterclaims against GE claiming infringement of its U.S. Patents No. 7,102,247 and No. 7,859,125 on 15 December 2017; and all pending inter-partes review proceedings with respect to the patents-in-suit.”

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