Spanish utility Iberdrola has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with compatriot fruit juice-maker Juver Alimentacion to power its production plant in Churra, a town in the country's Murcia region.

Iberdrola said during the 18 month PPA it would supply more than 22GWh of zero-emissions wind and solar power to Juver’s factory, enabling the juice producer to avoid releasing 5,400 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The deal follows hot on the heels of a long-term agreement signed by Iberdrola with beer giant Heineken last month to take all the output from a 50MW PV farm being built next to the utility’s El Andévalo wind farm in Huelva, a 292MW project operational since 2010.

Last year the utlity also signed a PPA with US sports apparel maker Nike for 40MW to be sourced from the 111MW Cavar wind complex.

“PPA’s open great opportunities for the development of new renewable projects that are transforming how the energy industry operates,” Angeles Santamaria, chief executive of Iberdrola Spain, told Recharge.

“Long-term PPAs provide stability to developers’ investments while optimising supply to large consumers, committed to clean and sustainable energy. PPAs also showcase the competitiveness of renewable sources and their ability to generate stable and affordable energy.”

Iberdrola has ambitious plans for renewables expansion in Spain where the company is looking to install 3GW of new wind and solar by 2022, and up to 10GW by 2030.

The utility has more than 16.5GW of renewable energy capacity installed in Spain, out of which over 6GW is wind power, and a total of almost 32GW or renewables capacity installed worldwide.

Iberdrola’s renewables chief Xabier Viteri told Recharge in a recent interview that the 3GW additional capacity it’s targeting in Spain by 2022 “will comprise around one-quarter to one-third wind, and the remaining two-thirds to three-quarters solar”.

The group believes adopting a hybrid approach to existing wind farms is an efficient way to maximise the benefits of shared land use and grid connection.