Siemens will be a partner in a 5GW wind and solar project in Australia to produce ‘green hydrogen’ for export to Asia, the German industrial giant said.

The massive Murchison Renewable Hydrogen Project, planned for Western Australia, would be among the world’s most ambitious plans yet to tap renewable power to generate green hydrogen for use in sectors like transport – seen as a key plank of the global energy transition.

Siemens will provide electrolyser technology to the project, said a joint statement with developer Hydrogen Renewables Australia (HRA).

HRA chairman Terry Kallis said: “We believe that Murchison Renewable Hydrogen Project’s location is the best in Australia for combined solar and wind, making it one of the most cost-effective spots to produce clean energy.

“This project will not only help local industry but also the growing demand for green hydrogen from Asian and other markets,” added Kallis. “Imagine exporting West Australian sunshine and wind to the world in the form of hydrogen.”

A new Recharge special report on the global push for green hydrogen revealed how South Australia also has big ambitions in the sector, and how other major projects are being planned around the world.

Siemens said: “There is a clear appetite for hydrogen around the world due to the energy transition away from fossil fuels and the need to decarbonise industry, transport systems and more. Not only Asia, but also Europe and other parts of the world are eyeing Australia as potential giant in hydrogen.”

No timescale is given for the project, but developers plan to begin community engagement work later this year and begin with a demonstration plant providing hydrogen for transport fuels.

The statement does not break down the proposed 5GW between wind and solar. Siemens is the biggest shareholder in wind turbine OEM Siemens Gamesa.

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