Porsche – fantasy purchase of generations of petrolheads – put wind and solar power centre-stage at the launch of its first all-electric sports car, in a high-profile acknowledgment of the growing relationship between the renewables and automotive sectors.

A wind farm in China, PV array in Germany and hydrodam in the US were the sites for the global launch of the Taycan, which the German manufacturer hopes will take on the likes of Tesla at the premium end of the coming EV revolution.

"The Taycan permanently repositions Porsche," said CEO Oliver Blume.

The Taycan’s acceleration of 0-100km/hour in 2.8 seconds and 260km/h top speed puts the Taycan firmly in classic sports car territory – as does the $150,000-plus price tag.

But Porsche parent group Volkswagen, and all other major car-makers, are acutely aware that the interplay between the mass market for lower-cost EVs, stringent emissions-reduction rules and the growing penetration of renewables will be decisive in the entire automotive sector’s fortunes in the years ahead.