One of the world’s largest batteries is to be built in New York City to help displace fossil-fuel-fired power generation at times of peak demand.

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Renewables developer 174 Power Global – a subsidiary of South Korean conglomerate Hanwha Group – will build and own the 100MW/400MWh East River Energy Storage System in the borough of Queens, with utility Con Edison buying the project’s power and selling it into New York state’s wholesale market.

“The project fits well with the coming addition of large amounts of renewable energy to the state’s portfolio, including 9,000MW from offshore wind turbines,” said Con Edison.

“The batteries will be charged from the grid at times when the demand for power is low and less expensive. They will be discharged at times when the demand for power is high, decreasing the need for power from fossil fuel-fired plants.”

The project — which was won by 174 Power Global after Con Edison issued a request for proposals in July 2019 — will be built on land owned by the New York Power Authority and is due to be operational by the end of 2022.

“Utility-scale battery storage will play a vital role in New York’s clean energy future, especially in New York City where it will help to maximize the benefit of the wind power being developed offshore,” said ConEdison president Tim Cawley. “This project with 174 Power Global will help displace some fossil fuel-fired generation when the demand for power is highest.”

Mark Chambers, director of sustainability for the City of New York, added: “Expanding battery storage is a critical part of how we advance momentum to confront the climate emergency while meeting the energy needs of all New Yorkers. Today's announcement demonstrates how we can deliver this need at significant scale.”