Heineken said its Spanish brewing operations will be 100% renewable-powered after it signed a long-term deal for output from a major solar facility Iberdrola will build at one of its existing wind farms.

Heineken Spain will take all the output from Iberdrola’s 50MW PV facility to be built at the Spanish energy giant’s El Andévalo wind farm in Huelva, a 292MW project operational since 2010.

Heineken Spain said its four breweries and offices will be 100%-renewable by October this year as a result of the deal, as it joined fellow beer giant AB InBev in tapping into Spanish solar.

The deal is the latest in a string of major corporate deals that are helping propel Spain into the global solar big league, with companies signing offtake agreements that allow projects to proceed without the need for government support.

For Iberdrola, the Heineken agreement marks another step in a corporate embrace of solar – once shunned by the wind and hydropower giant – that has recently seen it advance some of Europe’s biggest projects in Spain.

Iberdrola’s renewables chief told Recharge in a recent interview that the 3GW additional capacity it’s targeting in Spain by 2022 “will comprise around one-quarter to one-third wind, and the remaining three-quarters to two-thirds solar”.

The group believes adopting a hybrid approach to existing wind farms is an efficient way to maximise the benefits of shared land use and grid connection.

Iberdrola last year announced plans to retrofit solar and storage to its UK wind power fleet in a similar approach.