Innovation in action, China's charge and India's growth pains

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Innovation in action

A trio of technology-led articles generated huge interest on the Recharge website last week.

In an exclusive interview with Recharge, the chief technology officer of Siemens Gamesa, Antonio de la Torre, explained why the OEM has such high hopes for its hot-rock thermal storage system – an innovation it believes has the potential to put an end to intermittency for wind and solar generation.

SGRE: our thermal storage can eliminate intermittency of wind

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‘Green hydrogen’ will play its own decisive role in the energy transition, said the secretary-general of industry association Hydrogen Europe, in another Recharge exclusive. The fuel, produced by wind and solar where resources are best, will be shipped around the world on purpose-built vessels and used for power, heating, long-haul transport and industrial processes, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis claimed.

A third technology-led piece among Recharge’s most-read last week explained how ‘wake steering’ – the technique of angling turbines fractionally away from the prevailing wind stream – could boost output from projects in low-wind locations by almost 50%, according to a new study from Stanford University.

China's offshore charge

China’s huge renewable energy ambitions are well documented – but Recharge exclusively revealed how quickly the Asian giant is advancing its agenda in the fast-emerging floating wind sector, with a first “national demonstration” expected to be in the water as early as 2021 off Guangdong province.

China poised for floating wind leap with trio of pilots

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If floating wind is one for the future, fixed-bottom offshore wind is a huge present-day concern for China’s regulators, who as Recharge reported are expecting a 40GW offshore wind installation dash as already-approved projects race to market in time to secure the best feed-in tariff.

Those FITs will soon be a fading memory. China has just launched its first offshore wind tender with price as a major decisive factor.

India's growing pains

If there’s one market that will rival China as the world’s renewable engine of growth in the years ahead it is India, which has flagged up ambitions to have 500GW of clean energy capacity in place by 2030.

With targets like that to meet, India needs all the investment it can muster, which is why there was so much concern over the impact on confidence of measures by the key renewables state of Andhra Pradesh to “renegotiate” existing power deals with wind and solar plants.

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