World Wind Energy Association launches 100% renewables appeal

Petition demands 'no new investment shall be made in non-renewable energy'

The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) has unveiled a petition for World REnew Day calling for all future investment in the global energy sector to shift to renewables.

In the appeal, being launched in Bonn, Germany next week, WWEA writes: “In light of the urgency of climate change, we underline that the shift to a 100% renewable energy world has to happen as soon as possible, that the current pace is not sufficient and that renewable energy deployment needs to be accelerated substantially.

Clock ticking louder for renewables revolution

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“We demand that no new investment shall be made in non-renewable energy from today on.” The full petition can be read and signed here.

High-level speakers at World REnew Day include: president of the German Renewable Energy Federation Simone Peter, director of Climate Action Network International Tasneem Essop and president of the International Solar Energy Society Dave Renne.

Latest calculus from the International Energy Agency shows investment is “far out of step” with what's needed to meet the world’s climate objectives, with capital expenditure on low-carbon technology stuck at about 35% of the global energy total.

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