SolarPower Europe forms competitiveness taskforce

Industry association SolarPower Europe has launched an industrial competitiveness taskforce with the aim of developing supply-side initiatives for solar in Europe.

A meeting in Brussels, attended by European manufacturers and downstream players, discussed what Europe needs to do in order to ensure maximum value in the whole PV supply chain.

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“This is a timely intervention, so we can begin to address the issue of holistic supply side policy and move away from segmental approaches that have negative consequences on European manufacturing, such as the trade measures on solar panels and cells,” said Christian Westermeier, president of SolarPower Europe.

“The EU has done a lot of work over the last decade to boost the European renewables market – the demand side,” added James Watson, chief executive of the industry group.

“It is now high time for them to put the same energy and attention into ensuring we have the right supply-side policies in place so that we can make the most of the opportunity of what we hope – if the European parliament and Council get the clean energy package right – will be a growing solar market in Europe over the next years and decades.”

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