Every year, more than 30,000 new products and services hit the market, but less than five percent succeed. We know that the most successful organisations are consistently examining novel ideas and ways to improve existing products and services. So, why is it so hard for most companies to launch commercially viable innovations, and more importantly, where are they going wrong?

Ultimately, the failure to achieve a return on investment from the development of new products and services is primarily the result of uninformed decision-making.

Relying on disparate, outdated data — even though this is almost always unintentional — leads to lags in innovation and, at times, intellectual property infringement.

This white paper provides an in-depth look at Connected Innovation Intelligence (CII) and the critical role it plays in driving innovation across multiple industry sectors and global markets. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), CII enables companies to connect millions of updated data sources, segment them by industry and relevance, uncover emerging trends, spot risks, and identify opportunities. CII also empowers organisations to validate and test ideas prior to launch so when they do commercialise their innovations, there’s a greater chance they achieve success.

We created "The Definitive Guide to Connected Innovation Intelligence" to give you an in-depth understanding of how CII can help your business innovate better.

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  • Identify and validate ideas
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