Genesis is a market-leading consulting company focused on providing high-value advisory services for the energy industry. As trusted advisors committed to a sustainable future, the firm has extensive experience partnering with their clients to provide innovative, robust and sustainable solutions.

Genesis has been named one of the United Kingdom’s top consultancy firms for three years in a row, in a survey for a globally respected business publication. The Financial Times, often known as the FT, gave Genesis a bronze award in its UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2022 rankings. Not only that, but Forbes ranked Genesis as one the world's best management consulting firms in their inaugural 2022 rankings.

Recharge Content Studio recently spoke with Genesis Senior VP Christophe Malaurie in an exclusive interview to learn more about how the firm is guiding clients and for some free advice on how to tackle the energy transition.

Nick: "Welcome to the program. Today we're here with Christophe Malaurie, Senior Vice President at Genesis.

Genesis is a market leading consultancy firm focused on providing high value advisory services for the energy transition. For the last three years, Genesis has been named one of the UK's top consultancy firms in a survey conducted by the Financial Times. Christophe, for those who don't know, could you share some background on Genesis and how you serve your partners in the energy industry today?"

Christophe: "Good morning and thank you for your question. Genesis is really a consulting company and we have been operating in the energy sector for more than 30 years. We provide technical economics advisory and we also, provide environmental advisory and also strategical advisory services.

So we are organising three main practices which are early advisory, which is about really answering a question when the customer do not know what they want to do and what they should do. The second one is development solutions, which is about when the customer actually knows what they want to do and the question is, 'How should we do it?'

And finally is life asset solution, which is about optimising the asset when the asset is there. So we been very, very successful in that market for more than 30 years. And actually a good testimony of that is that we receive, uh, a nomination as one of the best consulting firm in the world by far, earlier this year."

Nick: "Thank you, Christophe. Our industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace requiring companies to rapidly transform their business models and adopt new technologies to adapt. Knowing where to focus your transformation efforts can be a challenging exercise - How does Genesis advise its partners today within this new environment?"

Christophe: "You're right. Quite often we see customers coming to us not knowing what to do, and that's where Genesis can help. And really at Genesis, we want to take that journey with the customer, looking at what are the different technologies and what is the best one for the customer? What are the economics? And overall, what is the most sustainable solution for our customer?

So, what I would like to say is that when you come to Genesis, it's about the journey together to make sure that you get the most sustainable solution for your business."

Nick: "Christophe, you mentioned previously Genesis' early engagement in projects. How important is that early engagement in the context of the energy transition and also what trends are you seeing this early in the value chain?"

Christophe: "Yes, of course. I would say the earlier, the better. Those energy transition projects are very complex and require very good assessments from the technical and economic point of view. So, the earlier you come to us, the better because you'll see savings down the road. We see a lot of requests around carbon capture, around green hydrogen, and around electrification, which is really a testimony of how much the world is changing. And we see a lot of those requests coming to us. And as a matter of fact, these [type of] requests have doubled over the last year."

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Genesis has extensive global experience in developing innovative solutions across the hydrocarbon, renewables and alternative energy sectors.

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