Germany is opening PV tenders to other European countries

Germany is getting ready to throw solar tenders open to projects from other European countries.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has presented a draft proposal for a partial opening of tenders to arrays in fellow EU member states.

"The presented concept for a partial opening of PV tenders is an important signal to our European neighbours that we want to co-operate more in the area of the support of renewable energies," says secretary of state Rainer Baake.

In accordance with EU state-aid rules, the ministry has agreed with the European Commission to open up 5% of the capacity to be installed each year via tenders to projects in other EU countries.

Cross-border support will be dependent on reciprocity and an agreement between the two co-operating countries. The first step will be opening up two German PV tenders in the second half of 2016 to installations in Denmark and Luxembourg.

Denmark said this month that it will include German capacity in its first competition PV auction.

After evaluating the experience with its first partner countries, Germany plans to widen the concept to other neighbouring nations.