SunPower launches 'Equinox' all-in-one home PV system

SunPower, the US-based solar group controlled by France’s Total, launched its Equinox home solar package – combining panels, microinverters, mounting kit, and a smart energy management system, into a single product the company calls a “game changer” for the residential PV sector.

Equinox is the first residential solar solution in which every major component was designed and engineered by a single company, SunPower says. The package is targeted at the US residential solar market.

"Conventional home solar design and systems can be complicated and not harmonious, with companies assembling disparate parts − each built in isolation by different manufacturers," says Howard Wenger, SunPower’s president of business units.

In contrast, Equinox – a reflection of SunPower’s “minimalist architectural approach” – makes installing rooftop systems easier, cheaper, faster, and the end result looks better, the company says.  

The Equinox package follows previous launches of SunPower’s Oasis Power Plant system for the utility-scale solar market, which allows large solar plants to be built via pre-configured modular blocks, and its Helix system for commercial systems, which makes installation faster and easier.

SunPower is among the few companies that is a major player in all three major solar markets – residential, commercial, and utility.

Last year the company took in nearly as much revenue from the residential sector as from the utility-scale segment.