NTT Facilities to build 15MW solar project in northern Japan

NTT Facilities has announced plans to build a 15MW solar project in northern Japan.

Suntech will supply the panels, a company spokesperson tells Recharge.

Tokyo-based NTT Facilities, a unit of Japanese telecoms giant Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, will construct the array in a park in Oshu, Iwate prefecture.

It expects to connect the project to the grid in October 2016, according to an online statement.

Over the past month, NTT Facilities has completed seven solar projects, bringing the total number of installations it has independently developed to 35.

Earlier this month, it completed a 4.7MW project in Kashima, Ibaraki prefecture.

In October, it completed a 1.6MW array in Omachi, Nagano prefecture, and a 1.25MW site in Katsuura, Chiba prefecture.

It also finished a 1.2MW project in the city of Hiroshima, as well as a 1.7MW installation in Matsue, Shimane prefecture, and a 1.88MW site in Bungotakada, Oita prefecture.

In addition, it provided EPC services for a 20.5MW solar plant that Asahi Glass and natural-gas supplier Saibu Gas completed in mid-October in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka prefecture.