Conergy to supply and develop 50MW project in Pakistan

German solar panel maker Conergy will supply and develop a 50MW project in Pakistan as it expands its sales in Asia.

The project at Bahawalpur in the Cholistan region is owned by DACC Power Generation and the Pakistani government and will be the country’s largest solar plant, says Conergy in a statement.

Total investment will be around $170m to $190m, with Conergy’s share about 60m ($75m) to 70m euros.

Conergy will do the planning, engineering and design of the solar park and supply 210,000 modules and 140 inverters to the project.

UAE-based Ensunt will provide the on-site implementation and construction work.

Pakistan is heavily dependent on hydropower for energy and suffers frequent power outages and shortages. Only 63% of the population has access to power, says Conergy

The country has annual insolation of more than 1,700 kwh per square meter, making it suitable for solar power.

The government is working to improve access to energy while also boosting the economy and creating jobs, says Doug Melvin, president of DACC Power Generation. He adds that DACC is “looking beyond these 50MW”.

Marc Lohoff, Conergy board member and CSO for Asia Pacific and the Americas, called the project “a milestone” for the company.

“It shows that we are extremely well-positioned in the Asian growth markets.”

Conergy appointed Lohoff to his current role in January this year, in a move demonstrating the firm’s commitment to opening up new, non-European markets.

So far however sales outside of Germany have proved disappointing, with Conergy reporting Asia-Pacific revenues of €33.5m in the first quarter down from €42.1m in the previous year’s same period.