Juwi puts tough year behind, sees growth opportunities ahead

Germany’s Juwi, among Europe’s most prolific renewables developers, says it sees a pathway towards a 36% revenue boost between 2012 and 2015, despite the seismic changes gripping Europe’s power sector.

Privately held Juwi notched up €1.1bn ($1.45bn) in revenue in 2012 – up 10% on the prior year.

The company did not tip its hand as to its profitability, but acknowledged having cuts jobs during the “turbulent” course of 2012, leaving it with 1,800 workers.

Juwi intends to focus principally on onshore wind and PV for the foreseeable future, with plans to boost turnover to €1.5bn by 2015 while keeping its headcount more or less stable.

Among the divisions or initiatives the company will back away from are electric mobility, biogas, biomass plants, and facilities producing wood pellets.

Juwi, which has a 1.35GW pipeline of onshore wind projects in Germany, has been vocal in its belief that Berlin is paying too much attention to the offshore sector, while giving short shrift to the remaining potential for cheaper and more easily built onshore farms.

Juwi was recently named the world’s second largest PV system-integrator in 2012 by Wiki-Solar. Juwi put up 296MW of large PV systems, compared to the number one and three players, Enerparc and First Solar, who put up 607MW and 226MW respectively.