SPE sets out 10 priorities for solar-plus-storage growth

Industry body SolarPower Europe (SPE) called on the European Commission to help underpin the combined benefits of solar and storage via 10 key policy ‘asks’ for the forthcoming energy union package.

SPE wants Brussels to lay the foundations for a future in which “the combination of solar and storage is the perfect fit to lift solar power to the next growth level”.

The 10 policy priorities cover areas including a workable EU-wide definition of “electricity storage”, a suitable market design, and remuneration mechanisms.

SPE executive advisor Michael Schmela said an effective regulatory environment for storage “will strongly contribute to reaching the 27% target for renewable energy in 2030 in the current draft RE directive”.

It would also “go a big part of the way” to the 35% goal SPE would like to see in the new REDII 2030 directive, Schmela added.

Riccardo Amoroso, chief innovation officer of Enel Green Power and vice president of SolarPower Europe, said: "The industry is being very successful in bringing down the cost of stationary battery storage and in improving its ability to provide efficient services and solutions to the market.

“Today we need European policy makers to put in place stable regulatory conditions including clear definitions and an appropriate market design to ensure a level playing field among competing solution providers.”

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