A new coalition has been launched to develop the clean-hydrogen value chain in the Caucasus region and wider Central Asia.

Led by global engineering and management consultancy H2exagOn, the Black Sea and Caspian Sea (B&C Sea) Hydrogen Alliance will aim to “steer and guide” development of a full industrial green H2 ecosystem in the region encompassing “demand, production, supply, storage and related infrastructure”.

“The key aim of the B&C Sea Hydrogen Alliance is to identify and build up a pipeline of viable regional investment projects along the hydrogen value chain, with a view to create a green and low-carbon hydrogen market contributing to create new jobs, sustainable economies, and resilient societies,” said David Otarishvili, manager of the green hydrogen business at H2exagOn.

“By launching the alliance, we are closing the existing gap between Europe and Asia, where European Clean Hydrogen Alliance and Mena Hydrogen Alliance were launched successfully.

Hydrogen: hype, hope and the hard truths around its role in the energy transition
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“Additionally, our mission will be to extend cooperation from the regional to the global level by initiating collaboration between mentioned Alliances, creating opportunities to share international best practice to speed up the transition process.”

Otarishvili highlighted that the B&C Sea Hydrogen Alliance welcomed membership from “all stakeholders who want to engage and contribute to the deployment of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen covering whole value chain”.

This would range from green hydrogen production, storage, transmission and distribution to use of H2 in industrial applications, mobility and the wider energy sector.