Indonesia’s state utility Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) is reportedly planning to add 32GW of renewables into its power mix in a major acceleration of its move to net zero.

PLN will also invest in grids that can connect to new renewable energy sources as it tries to cut its dependency on coal, which currently accounts for around half of Indonesia’s power supply.

Reuters reports that PLN CEO Darmawan Prasodjo, speaking on the sidelines of the ASEAN Indo-Pacific Forum, said that the utility is revising its power supply master plan to incorporate more renewables.

Its existing plan running until 2030 would have seen PLN expand the amount of energy it receives from renewables by 20.9GW – about half of its new power in that period.

"With this accelerated renewable energy development,” Darmawan said that “75% of our additional generation capacity will be based on renewables and 25% will be gas-based.”

Darmawan said that upgrades to the PLN grid would allow the utility to increase its power load from renewable sources up from just 5GW currently.

Senior Indonesian cabinet minister Luhut Pandjaitan said at the same event that he hoped the PLN plans would be supported by $20bn in funding pledged under the Just Energy Transition Partnership. Indonesia signed that agreement to help it reach net zero with leading global economies at the G20 event in its capital Bali last year.

Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country with approaching 280 million inhabitants, has committed to reaching net zero by 2060 or sooner. The International Renewable Energy Agency says its electricity demand is expected to grow at least fivefold to over 1,700TWh from the present levels by mid-century.