Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO of French utility EDF, has been elected president of European power sector advocacy body Eurelectric.

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Lévy - who will be supported by Corina Popescu, CEO of Romanian state power company Electrica, and Leonhard Birnbaum, CEO of the German energy supplier E.ON – has set his two-year mandate to “pursue the transformations needed to shift away from fossil fuels, making the [European] Green Deal a reality through electrification”.

“I am convinced that electricity will be the path to carbon neutrality, and the key enabler of at least 55% of CO2 emissions cuts across the economy by 2030,” he said.

“I have a clear conviction that the power sector, with its range of low carbon technologies, digital solutions and its ability to innovate, can help all EU citizens benefit from an affordable, climate friendly and comfortable lifestyle.”

Lévy, in his manifesto – to be delivered at next week’s Eurlecetric Power Summit, set out four “pillars” for his presidency:

· promoting the Green Deal as a social, industrial and strategic opportunity for all Europeans;

· driving an affordable, low-carbon, electric lifestyle by addressing the discriminatory energy taxation hampering electricity, and supporting a strengthened carbon pricing;

· ensuring that a full range of low carbon technologies contribute to cost-effective decarbonisation, furthering the deployment of renewables, smart grids and the uptake of electrolytic hydrogen for industrial applications;

· showing the resilience and flexibility of electricity as a key asset for the Green Deal, while fostering smart integration and highlighting the benefits of digitalisation.

Outgoing Eurelectric president Pat O’Doherty, CEO of Irish utility ESB, said: “Eurelectric plays a very important role in enabling collaboration and cooperation across Europe, ensuring that the industry can collectively address challenges and accelerate the pace of change.

“I am happy to pass on the torch to Jean-Bernard and the new presidency team knowing that they will continue to turn commitments into reality, working towards a more sustainable, convenient, comfortable and efficient future.”