NHST Media Group titles Recharge and Upstream have launched a new weekly e-newsletter to cover the rapidly evolving global hydrogen market.

Hydrogen: hype, hope and hard truths

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The second in our Accelerate energy transition e-newsletter series, Accelerate Hydrogen will report on the sector seen as set to “rewrite the global energy map” as governments and industry gear up strategies to reach carbon-neutrality by mid-century.

“We have been covering the hydrogen market closely for a number of years now, but the step-up in industrial and governmental interest in the sector that we have seen in the past 12 months has been extraordinary,” said Recharge Editor-in-Chief Darius Snieckus.

“For a sense of the speed of progress in this space: a few years ago, analysts were talking about green – renewables-based – hydrogen become cost-competitive with blue – gas-fed, with carbon capture – by 2035, by last year it became 2030 and now some are forecasting the cost crossover will happen before then.

“Another clear indicator is in the size of projects now being developed, with over 20 multi-billion-dollar giga-scale green hydrogen schemes moving forward at last count,” Snieckus added.

Recharge managing editor Leigh Collins, who will edit Accelerate Hydrogen and leads the NHST energy titles’ H2 market coverage, said: “Hydrogen is the latest buzzword in the energy sector. But how do you separate the hype from the reality?

“What’s often missing from the hydrogen discussion is context in what is a highly complex emerging industry. When is hydrogen the most cost-effective solution, and when is it a bad idea? Should we only use renewables-powered green hydrogen or welcome the ‘low-carbon’ blue variety? Is it possible to produce all the hydrogen we need from wind and solar power when the world desperately needs massive volumes of renewable energy to decarbonise the power sector?

“In our hydrogen coverage, and in this newsletter, we will focus on the big questions and the big stories in the hope of providing valuable insight to our readers — without the hype.”

In the flagship issue of Accelerate Hydrogensign up here for your free subscription – you can read exclusive interviews with Hydrogen Council boss Daryl Wilson, energy transition guru Michael Liebreichand Equinor New Energies chief Pål Eitrheim, as well as an exclusive report on the world’s biggest single hydrogen project, a 45GW wind- and solar-powered green giant in Kazakhstan.

Plus, we have exclusive news of a potential market-changing electrolyser technology that could cut the cost of green hydrogen by a factor of three; an exclusive long-read on a 3GW floating wind and hydrogen megaproject that could slash offshore oil production emissions in the UK North Sea ‘by half’, and much more.

As always, we welcome your views. Write to the editor at leigh.collins@rechargenews.com