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Brutal offshore wind cost pressures 'may hurt sector'

The “brutal” cost pressure being imposed on European offshore wind projects by the continent’s increasingly prevalent tendering model is putting the sector at risk of a major setback, financiers and developers warned yesterday at the WindEurope Summit.

29 Sep 2016

OPINION: How I learned to love power auctions

While the US administration of Jimmy Carter can rightly claim the invention of the feed-in tariff, it was Germany’s 1990 “feed-in law” that provided the initial impetus to the large-scale development of wind and solar technologies. 

28 Sep 2016

Siemens may build blade plants with partner LM Wind Power

Siemens plans to build blade manufacturing plants in conjunction with Danish blade specialist LM Wind Power to supply its new low-wind SWT-3.15-142 turbine if demand is sufficient, Siemens onshore CEO Thomas Richterich said at the WindEnergy Hamburg fair.

28 Sep 2016