Nass&Wind unit in place off France

Developer Nass&Wind Offshore has moored a floating monitoring platform off the west coast of France to measure the met-ocean conditions in waters in the frame to be developed with offshore wind and marine energy farms.

The unit, which is to be tested for six months off Saint-Vaast la Hougue, will assess the wind resources and sea conditions to de-risk future fixed and floating wind and tidal turbines, and wave energy generators expected to be installed in the area off Brittany.

“The launch of this highly innovative floating measurement platform is a very important step in our development,” states Nass&Wind deputy general manager Romain Baronnet. "Once testing is complete and the platform is certified, [we] will have a unique measurement system.”

The monitoring platform, which measures 12 metres in diameter, 5.2 metres high and weighs some 70 tonnes, Log in to read complete article.

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