Hitachi starts mega-turbine designs

Work on the floating wind farm off Fukushima

A Hitachi 2MW turbine on the floating wind farm off Fukushima

Hitachi has started the first conceptual sketches for 10MW and 20MW models of its downwind offshore wind turbines.

The Japanese company will model the supersize machines on its HTW 5.0-126, which is to see its maiden installation next year off Kamisu in Ibaraki prefecture, before being rolled out commercially in 2015.

"We see the 10MW as very much an extension of the 5MW, upscaled," states Kyushu University professor Shigeo Yoshida, who led the design team at Hitachi that hatched the smaller model and now consults for the company.

Like the 5MW concept, the Hitachi 10MW and 20MW turbines will  be downwind designs whose conical rotor faces away from the prevailing wind-stream.

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