Fab claims 'XL monopile' advance

The company's new production hall

The company's new production hall

German specialist pipe fabricator EEW SPC has produced a 10-metre-diameter cylindrical steel section from a single plate, giving a shot in the arm to the development of so-called “XL” monopiles for offshore wind turbines.

The Rostock-based company used a newly-installed Haeusler bending  machine to manufacture the ring from a plate measuring  31.4 metres long, three metres wide and 95mm thick.

Current monopiles have diameters of up to around six metres, limiting the foundations to water depths of around 30 metres. To move the technology into waters of 40 metres or more, monopiles would have to be around eight metres in diameter and 70 metres long.

“EEW SPC is equipped for the production of XL monopiles in the future. The XL monopiles increase the usage of foundation structures for offshore wind farms up Log in to read complete article.

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