UK body warns on foundation tests

A tripod foundation enters the water at the Global Tech 1 project in the German North Sea

Foundations currently account or about 30% of a wind farm's capital costs

UK government-industry technology body the Carbon Trust (CT) has warned that many of the innovative high-load wind turbine foundation designs being developed for use off Europe may end up shelved if demonstration sites are not immediately made available.

The problem has become so pressing, it claims, that without a quick solution the next-generation jackets and concrete-gravity bases now at prototype phase will not be ready in time for the major roll-out of UK Round 3 projects, which are expected to deliver up to 18GW of new generating capacity by 2020.

"At present we have a Catch 22.  We have the technology but we have no way of proving that it can work at scale because we currently have no suitable offshore demonstration sites in the UK ready to use," says Log in to read complete article.

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