Seatricity set for full-size Oceanus

UK wave power developer Seatricity has tapped fabricator A&P to build a full-scale version of its next-generation Oceanus device, the first machine in line to be connected to the WaveHub testing facility off south-east England.

The surface-riding Oceanus 2, which will be manufactured made from marine grade aluminium at the contractor’s Falmouth yard, is slated to be deployed this spring off the coast of Hayle, Cornwall, with a view to next building a 10MW grid-connected array.

At 165kW it will be twice the capacity of the prototype version.

“Our first generation Oceanus 1 device has undergone extensive and successful sea trials in Scotland and we are ready to make the next step with the larger rated capacity Oceanus 2,” states Seatricity manager director Peter Mitchell.

“The technology is scalable so once we complete our testing at Wave Hub this year we hope to move quickly to a full array.

The Oceanus device is made up a 10-metre diameter floating ring with cross tubes anchored to the seabed by weighted blocks.

As it rises and falls in the swell, it works like a piston to pump pressurised sea water to drive a hydroelectric turbine. A&P Falmouth, which has more than 150 years history in the shipping industry, is on one of the world’s largest natural deep-water harbours. A 10MW Oceanus array could power 10,000 UK homes.