Samsung 7MW turning in Scotland

Samsung Heavy Industries' (SHI's) flagship 7MW S-7.0-171 wind turbine has entered final commissioning at its project site in Methil, Scotland.

A spokesperson for SHI says: “We are pleased to confirm installation of the blades at our offshore prototype turbine is complete and people can now see the blades turning."

Following commissioning, the turbine will begin type testing for certification.

The prototype, which has a 171-metre diameter rotor sporting 83.5m SSP Technology blades, has been assembled at Energy Park Fife by contractor Graham Construction.

A duplicate of the S-7.0-171's nacelle, built around a drive-train from the UK’s DB Wind, is part-way through a programme of trials at the National Renewable Energy Centre in northeast England, hooked-up on the facility's new 15MW test bench.