Dong uses app for Horns Rev ops

Denmark’s Dong Energy has started using an app-based system to streamline maintenance operations at its Horns Rev 2 wind farm in the North Sea.

The SAP Work Manager makes it possible for the offshore technicians to register all repair and inspection activities for wind turbines directly on site, eliminating double work capturing data, reducing incorrect inputs and speeding up related supply chain processes.

“The benefits are better data quality, quicker reaction time from observed error to planned repair; better hand-over from service team to service team, quicker process from performed service until the order is closed and better transparency for Dong Energy’s central functions,” says project manager Annette Norager-Nielsen.

Dong and SAP have accelerated roll out of the app – six months from configuration and development to going live.

Thirty maintenance technicians are using the app in its first roll-out, with plans to app-up 400 more at sites in the UK and Denmark.