Nauen flags consolidation pluses

Senvion CEO Andreas Nauen says that the process of consolidation currently underway amongst offshore wind turbine manufacturers will lead to stronger companies with more experience in the sector.

“Consolidation is taking place and that’s not a bad thing,” said Nauen in response to a question from Recharge, adding: “If you look at something like the MHI-Vestas joint venture it is a strong combination with offshore turbine knowledge.”

“I don’t think that this process will lead to a very low number of companies in the sector,” says Nauen, adding: “We need a balance between standardisation and size, and competition.”

According to Nauen, the current number of companies in the market  “is a healthy one.”

Dong Energy Germany managing director Volker Malmen said: “Competition is important but we need standardisation.”

The last year has seen a number of moves towards consolidation in the offshore OEM sector, including the launch of the MHI-Vestas JV, an agreement between Gamesa and Areva to work towards the formation of a joint venture, and the proposed takeover of Alstom by GE or Siemens.

Nauen and Malmen were speaking at a pre-event for the WindEnergy Hamburg conference, which will take place in September.