Bold Tern on Global Tech duty

The installation vessel Bold Tern from Fred Olsen Windcarrier is now helping to install rotor stars at the 400MW Global Tech 1 offshore wind project in the German North Sea. 

So far more than 60 towers and nacelles have been erected, and well over a third of rotor stars installed.

According to the Global Tech I project status, construction of the wind farm will be fully complete and ready for operation this summer.

Global Tech 1 is flexibly employing its three installation vessels – among them also the Vidar and the Brave Tern – for the construction of the Areva 5MW turbines.

But as the company is finishing the construction of towers and nacelles faster than anticipated, it now deploys two vessels to install rotor stars instead of just one.

"The final commissioning work of each wind turbine follows directly upon completion of the rotor star installation," says Arjen Schampers, technical managing director of Global Tech 1.

"It is important for us that all 80 turbines are fully operational to coincide with the grid connection via BorWin beta due this autumn."